• Confidence and self-esteem building

  • Support to move to a safe place (refuge or another property)

  • Support to remain safely in their own home

  • Safety planning

  • Housing advice

  • Finance/debt advice

  • Supporting service users to gain legal representation and court orders

  • Support around mental health

  • Support around substance misuse

  • Providing emotional support

  • Liaising with other specialist services

  • Reducing isolation

  • Providing support for women and men with issues relating to children or parenting

  • Anything else related to domestic abuse which a woman or man requires support for

The Elm Foundation’s Community Team can provide support to adults and children in various venues across Chesterfield, Bolsover, Amber Valley and North Derbyshire, and even in their own home, if safe to do so or, if necessary, at a nearby place that’s safe and appropriate.


We are active in many schools across the area, giving talks and highlighting the nature of domestic abuse, as well as offering support to anyone who may need it. The Community Team continually raise awareness of domestic abuse with the partner organisations that refer to us.

The Elm Foundation also provides community outreach support to women and men who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse.


The Community Team enables people to access support in the area they live in.  This service is free and confidential and is led by the individual. Community workers support people in one-to-one sessions, group sessions or via the telephone. The support can be short or long term. 


We offer support so that people who have experienced domestic abuse can live an independent, positive life that’s free from abuse. The Community Team offers a non-judgemental, supportive approach to enable individuals experiencing domestic abuse to discuss their available options. The Community Team provides the following support:


Free confidential counselling

Community support and outreach

Community Engagement

At The Elm Foundation we are committed to providing the highest quality domestic abuse support to men, women and children. As well as our front-line services, we also raise awareness of domestic abuse and how we can offer support.

Our aim is to increase engagement with our community by offering training to local businesses and community groups. We want to better inform businesses and groups about domestic abuse and how it could impact their employees/members, and how they can access support for these people. At the end of the training, we invite those who have attended to become Champions of The Elm Foundation.

We continually provide abuse awareness training to our partner agencies. Champions receive a certificate and we encourage them to also spread awareness concerning domestic abuse and the work we do.

For more information on training, corporate domestic abuse policies, or other community engagement matters, please contact Helen Mitchell on 01246 540464. Alternatively, you can email

We also hold a number of drop-in sessions and service user groups across Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire, Amber Valley and Bolsover, which provide additional support and enable individuals to meet new people and build on their confidence and self-esteem.

For more information, or to refer yourself or a client to our community team, please call 08000 198 668. Alternatively, you can email