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Spotting the Signs of Domestic Abuse

Our goal is to end domestic abuse for good, and one way we can help to do this is by educating people on what to look for if you think you are in an abusive relationship.

If you feel unsafe or recognise any of the types of behaviour below, then you may be experiencing domestic abuse.

  • Is your partner jealous and possessive?

  • Are they charming one minute and abusive the next?

  • Do they tell you what to wear, where to go, who to see?

  • Do they constantly put you down?

  • Are you starting to walk on eggshells to avoid making them angry?

  • Do they play mind games and make you doubt your judgment?

  • Do they control your money?

  • Do they pressure you to have sex when you don’t want to?

  • Do they monitor or track your movements or messages?

  • Do they use anger and intimidation to frighten and control you?

Please call us on 08000 198 668, or text us on 07534 617 252 for free and impartial advice. And for those in immediate danger, please call 999.