Each our of training courses addresses a specific Domestic Abuse topic. Each course outlines which audience the course would be ideally suited for and what they learn during the session.


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Very informative. Clearly laid out and easy to follow. Helen was very knowledgeable.



Helen absolutely spelled out to us exactly how to support victims and survivors of Domestic Abuse.



Brilliant training, how to approach the situation and correct questions to ask.

CPD Accredited

The Elm Foundation is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited provider. The CPD Service is the largest and leading CPD training accreditation service in the UK.


All our training packages have been accredited by CPD. This means that the training has met the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.


The CPD Accreditation Service provides recognized independent CPD accreditation that is compatible with global requirements. Participants can therefore be confident that the training they receive from The Elm Foundation is of the highest quality and supports CPD portfolios and professional development that is applicable to their working practices.  


About the Trainer

Helen has worked as the Training Officer for The Elm Foundation since 2019. Initially providing training about domestic abuse to health professionals; Helen now trains people from many sectors within the county.


With a background in Health, Helen has supported vulnerable families for over 12 years in her role as a Speech and Language Therapist. During this time, Helen began delivering various training packages to both families and professionals around a range of topics. Helen has a qualification in adult education and training and now utilizes her experience to plan, devise and deliver training about domestic abuse to an array of professionals and volunteers across Derbyshire.


Over the past 2 years, Helen has developed and delivered, various domestic abuse training packages to over 900 people; from Health and social care; to students, volunteers and the general public. She is passionate about adult learning and about developing people’s understanding of the impacts of domestic abuse, how to support and help victims and survivors.  

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