Domestic abuse can happen in any relationship regardless of someone’s sexual orientation or their gender identity.

The Elm Foundation supports anyone who is LGBTQ+ and who is living with or has escaped from domestic abuse. We can offer safe accommodation, provide outreach support in the community and provide emotional support through our counselling service. We also work with LGBTQ+ Derbyshire.

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The abuse that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people experience follows many of the patterns of domestic abuse that victims in heterosexual relationships are subjected to. However, there are some specific types of abuse that are unique to the experiences of LGBTQ+ people.

You might have been subjected to:

  • Threats to “out” your sexuality or gender identity to family, friends or work colleagues
  • Undermining your sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Limiting or controlling your access to LGBTQ+ spaces, resources and communities
  • The abuser claiming you will not be believed because you are LGBTQ+

Trans people may be subjected to:

  • Having medication or treatment that is needed to express your identity withheld
  • Deliberately using your dead name
  • Ridiculing body parts
  • Assaulting medically altered body parts
  • Internalised transphobia
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Victims who are LGBTQ+ can find it harder to access support services. This can be for several reasons. We want to reassure you that we believe you and can provide a safe and supportive environment for you to discuss the issues you are facing in confidence and without your sexual orientation or gender identity being shared.

We can provide practical support to keep you safe as well as emotional support and counselling. We also work with Derbyshire LGBTQ+ and can help you rebuild links with the local LGBTQ+ community if you are feeling isolated.

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Other organisations who can help


The National LGBTQ+ DA Helpline run by LGBTQ+ people. It provides a safe and confidential space where you can talk through what you are experiencing, and explore your options.

Tel: 0800 999 5428

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Loving Me

Free support for trans and non-binary domestic abuse victims in the UK.
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