We rely on the generosity of donations to provide support to those in need.

The Elm Foundation is a charitable organisation that relies on the generosity of donors to provide help to those affected by domestic abuse.

For almost 40 years we have provided services for victims and survivors of domestic abuse. Now more than ever, there is growing financial pressure to meet the ever-increasing demand for help. There are many ways that you can contribute to ensure that we are able to provide continuity of our services.

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To give to The Elm Foundation, please visit our our Just Giving page. Thank you.
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Your impact

Your donations support victims who arrive at refuge with often nothing more than the clothes they are wearing.

Your generosity ensures that a child who has witnessed or been subjected to domestic abuse can receive support and counselling to help them recover.

Your support provides Christmas gifts for families that are destitute when they flee abuse.

Your donations can support a survivor to access protective measures such as non-molestation orders.

Donations Help Us Continue Our Services

Your donation

Every donation no matter how small helps support victims of domestic abuse to be safe and rebuild their lives.

  • £5 could provide a personal safety alarm for a victim/survivor.
  • £10 can provide window and security locks to help a survivor be safer at home.
  • £20 will sponsor a counselling session for a survivor.

As an individual, you could sponsor one of our events or sessions, or you could set up regular donations with your payroll department, so that your gift is given at source and is automatic. We can set this up for you.

  • £30 would sponsor 1 hour if specialist support for a child who has witnessed abuse at home.
  • £40 will sponsor a Helpline call for a victim needing to find refuge from a violent abuser.
  • £120 will pay for an overnight stay in a “crash pad refuge” for a victim fleeing their abuser.

We can’t thank you enough for your support. Your donations help us to keep our centre open, the helpline available and our services running, and they can also provide a new – safe – situation for women, men and children who are suffering right now.