Referral Pathways

How to refer someone to us

The Elm Foundation provides a range of services to victims and survivors of domestic abuse

We also offer support for those who are using abusive behaviours and want to change. We accept referrals from professionals and victims can self-refer into our services too.

The Derbyshire Domestic Helpline

The Derbyshire Domestic Helpline is the single point of access to all domestic abuse services provided throughout Derbyshire. People can refer to us directly by calling the Derbyshire Domestic Abuse helpline on 08000 198 668 or emailing our referral form to

Download referral form
Our referral form provides information about all the services we offer for adults and children. This includes:
If you are unsure which service you might want or need to access; simply give us a call or email us and we will help you identify the right service for you.