Client Voices Week

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Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Services, a collaborative partnership between NCHA WISH, The Elm Foundation, and Crossroads Derbyshire, has been dedicatedly providing refuge accommodation, community outreach, and support for children affected by domestic abuse for 11 years.

This partnership brings together our extensive knowledge and experience to address the needs of abuse victims within Derbyshire and beyond.

In 2023, we revitalised our Client Voices Week, an annual initiative that encompasses a comprehensive survey and consultation process. This initiative is crucial for us to gather insights on our performance and identify areas for improvement, based on feedback from our clients, staff, volunteers, and professionals from other agencies.

During the week of 26th-30th June 2023, we conducted various feedback exercises, ensuring participation was voluntary and anonymous.

Our report, drawing on responses from 101 adults, 41 children and young people, and 43 professionals, highlights key areas of success and potential improvements.

We are proud to announce notable developments including:

  1. Children’s Counselling: Responding to requests for more children’s counselling, we are establishing a countywide service by April 2024 to offer direct support to children impacted by domestic abuse.
  2. Peer Support: Following suggestions from young participants in our Choices programme, we are piloting a peer support initiative in High Schools, with plans for a countywide rollout.
  3. Follow-on Support: To meet the demand for continued support, we are piloting the Voice Programme. This includes elements of mindfulness and group recovery, providing extended support and opportunities for community engagement.

These initiatives are a testament to our commitment to evolve based on client feedback, ensuring our services remain effective and responsive to the needs of those affected by domestic abuse in Derbyshire.

Download the full report for more information.