Elm Foundation Partners with “Standing Together” to Pilot “Together with Health” Project in Derbyshire

3 min read

The Elm Foundation is pleased to announce its collaboration with the nationally acclaimed domestic abuse charity, Standing Together. This partnership heralds the launch of a new project, “Together with Health,” aimed at revolutionising the health response to domestic abuse in Primary Care settings throughout Derbyshire.

Thanks to generous funding provided through Standing Together by the Home Office, this one-year pilot project is poised to make a significant impact. Working closely with several Primary Care practices across the county, the project aspires to bridge the gap between domestic abuse victims and the support services they desperately need.

Recognising that GPs and their staff often serve as the first point of contact for many domestic abuse victims, “Together with Health” seeks to empower these healthcare professionals. The project involves delivering accredited domestic abuse training to GPs and practice staff, equipping them with the skills and confidence to enquire about abuse and respond appropriately to disclosures.

The initiative will introduce a fast-track pathway within participating surgeries, allowing patients who have experienced domestic abuse to swiftly access support services via a dedicated health liaison worker. This professional will offer one-to-one advice, support, safety planning, and act as a liaison with local domestic abuse support services. They will remain the primary point of contact for the patient until any onward referrals are established.

Through “Together with Health,” The Elm Foundation aims to lower the barriers that prevent victims from seeking help, while simultaneously offering crucial training and support to primary care providers on handling domestic abuse cases.

We are excited about the potential of this project to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by domestic abuse in Derbyshire.