The Elm Foundation becomes a Chesterfield Champion

4 min read

The Elm Foundation is pleased to announce its affiliation as a Chesterfield Champion, aligning with Destination Chesterfield in their joint pursuit to address domestic abuse. Destination Chesterfield, a proactive organisation, is dedicated to raising the town’s profile and bolstering economic prosperity, making Chesterfield’s ambitious goals attainable.

Chesterfield is a town with a vision, and Destination Chesterfield is instrumental in bringing these aspirations to fruition. Their mission encompasses various aspects, from positioning Chesterfield as a contemporary destination to harnessing the town’s potential through its people and businesses, both in the public and private sectors.

As a charitable entity deeply embedded in the Chesterfield community, The Elm Foundation has consistently supported the region’s residents. Central to their mission is the commitment to eradicate domestic abuse. Becoming a Chesterfield Champion represents a step forward in advancing this cause.

By integrating into the Chesterfield Champions network, The Elm Foundation now collaborates with over 200 local businesses spanning private, public, and third sectors. This extended network provides an opportunity to raise awareness and understanding of domestic abuse within the community.

The Champion status also offers an expanded reach, enabling The Elm Foundation to offer guidance and support to domestic abuse victims across Chesterfield and its neighbouring areas. This collaborative effort is a positive development for the community.

For more information about The Elm Foundation’s involvement with Destination Chesterfield and the Champions network, please visit