The Elm Foundation’s Vital Work Spotlighted in The Derbyshire Times

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The Elm Foundation has been featured in The Derbyshire Times for its pivotal role in addressing domestic violence and the wide-reaching consequences it has on society.

In the article, Helen Mitchell, Head of Operations at The Elm Foundation, sheds light on the concerning statistics regarding domestic abuse in England. The data reveals that every week, three homicides occur alongside two women taking their own lives due to abusive relationships. Shockingly, an average of 36 domestic abuse incidents takes place before authorities are alerted.

Helen emphasizes that domestic abuse transcends mere physical violence; it permeates all sectors and social strata, including professionals like barristers, hospital consultants, and head teachers.

The article underscores the importance of seeking help for those ensnared in abusive relationships, with Helen urging individuals to reach out to The Elm Foundation. The charity is committed to accommodating individuals in a manner that suits their circumstances, acknowledging the challenges of communication in such situations. They offer flexible meeting options, including GP’s offices, libraries, social care offices, schools, or even playgrounds, always prioritizing safety.

Statistics reveal that in 2022-2023, the Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Helpline received 3,495 calls, with over a quarter (29%) originating from self-referrals, and substantial contributions from police and children’s social care. Chesterfield borough saw the highest volume of calls among the areas covered by the three partner charities.

The article also highlights a significant increase in support provided, with 2,652 adults and 790 children receiving assistance in 2022. These numbers mark a remarkable increase of 232% and 223%, respectively, compared to figures from 2019.

Read the The Derbyshire Times today.